Selective outrage over Israel-Palestine as Karabakh suffers

International community ignores Armenian plight while decrying Mideast conflict.

In the last article, I promised to address changing the street names, which was one of the first things Karabakh did after it came under the control of the Aliyev regime because the first of these streets was named Enver Pasha Street.

It should be noted that it is symbolic that the street name was altered before the new land register cadaster and the Azerbaijani bureaucracy for Karabakh were constituted. Why is it symbolic? For those who do not know, Enver Pasha symbolized the last wars between Azerbaijan and Karabakh, which Turkey supported. In 2020, some of the mercenary fighters brought from Syria to Karabakh to fight, and the troops in the joint military exercises of Turkey and Azerbaijan had Enver Pasha logos on their shoulders. On this logo was written "qaçma Erməni, sadəcə yorğun öləcəksən," meaning "Don't run away Armenian, you will only die tired".

This war, which has been going on since 2020 and is based on the destruction of Armenia, is dedicated to this personality. Erdogan often thanks and remembers Enver Pasha during his visits to Baku, showing us the level of hatred that has been pumped up until today.

Are we surprised? No.

Even in Turkey, while the Armenian street names of its autochthonous people, the Armenians, were being destroyed, they would build an Enver Pasha Street as a monument of victory in Karabakh, which had been ethnically cleansed of Armenians.

Aliyev afterward gave the order to destroy the Dadik Babig monument, which served as Karabakh's emblem. Of course, they will erect an Enver in its place.

But do these brutal wars not create any new heroes? There are no martyrs in these wars where young people are killed, filled with the vindictiveness of "you did it, we will do worse to you, and we will do it to you." Let alone the Armenians killed; the names of Azerbaijani soldiers cannot be put on these streets. At least the names of the people of that land can be kept alive.

If only Aliyev, under the pretext of rising to the top of the rankings of democratic countries and freedom of expression, had changed the names of the streets in Karabakh with the names of thousands of Azerbaijani and Armenian youths who died in this war. He should not have been one of those unpredictable governments eager to bring outdated ideologies into today's world. But it did not happen that way.

This means this nation cannot produce a 'hero' every 108 years.

Selective moral outrage

Forgive me, while Israel-Palestine is boiling and people are dying daily, I have occupied your agenda with Karabakh with a few lines. But I cannot help reading what is happening in Israel-Palestine with selective moral indignation.

I can't stand the fact that while the international organizations, which claim to have maintained order in the world, have allowed ugly atrocities, wars, and genocides in Syria, Ukraine, and finally Karabakh in the last few years in front of everyone's eyes; I can't stand the fact that they are watching the world as if they are pressing the 'like massacre after massacre' or 'which war would you like to watch today?

These international structures, which have turned their backs on what has been happening in Karabakh since 2020 and have been looking at human rights violations in Turkey with 'concern,' have given the message to the increasing number of selfish dictators in the world that 'you can massacre as much as you can afford and as far as your power takes you.'

These 'international powers' could ignore what was happening in Karabakh and stand by Israel in Palestine, which 'according to them, is just a little lower on the map.

With a cold, selective moral indignation, they watched and made us watch that Palestinians and Karabakhis had just as many lives as those who took part in the music festival in Israel and were killed.

Therefore, those in power, who gain more power day by day, will commit more heinous crimes. What happened today between Israel and Palestine will neither be the first nor the last.

Let's hope that soon, such forces will be recognized as "international powers" seeking to establish order via peace. And when they do, power poisoning won't affect them.

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