The dark world of politics vs. The bright world of science

While politicians turn the world into a bloody mess, scientists open bright windows into the world of electrons.

On the night leading into Saturday, the burning issue for us was Turkey's military intervention in Syria.

Terrorism, which can freely enter our country from across the border and travel from Kayseri to Ankara with bomb-laden vehicles, was supposedly being "dried up at its source" with the operation. We spent hours glued to the coverage and the tweet by CENTCOM that was posted and then deleted.

As victims of the political institution that has been unable to resolve the country's fundamental problems and has experienced similar things for forty years, we ended the night.

On Saturday morning, however, we woke up to a different picture...

Hamas had launched an all-out attack against Israel, which poisoned the region with its recklessness.

The unexpected and shocking "Al-Aqsa Intifada" attack, also targeting innocent civilians, shook the world's conscience. The day began with the terrified images of innocent people engraved in memory.

With the legal order poisoned by his attempt to push the envelope, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, surrounded by an unyielding opposition unwilling to compromise, seemed poised to breathe easier domestically by declaring war on Hamas...

Of course, the "breath" he will take will be paid for by thousands of people who can no longer breathe.

The world has turned into a seismically active geography.

From Russia to Ukraine...

From America, where Trump is chasing the presidency, to the Caucasus... We are shaking back and forth everywhere... Regional wars are mushrooming everywhere.

Conflict, blood, and tears do not leave the stage.

There are still one billion people without access to clean water...

The injustice in global income distribution speaks of consciences being canceled.

What is the role of politics and politicians in making the world this way?

For example, Hamas is a political party... Can politics bring happiness to the people of Gaza? Or did it manipulate a justified outburst of anger against Israel for its political ambitions?

What about Netanyahu?

Will his toughness policy increase Israel's happiness? Will Israelis be happier or live under the shadow of endless war?

In origin, politics means "management of horses."... Over time, it has evolved from horse grooming to organizing and conducting state affairs.

Supposedly, politics and politicians are the groomers of societies...

Looking at the state of the world, it seems the groom has been fired, unable to solve problems and increasingly turning the world into an unlivable hell.

There may not have been a time when so many terrible leaders appeared together on the world political stage.

There is currently a crowd of politicians who can win elections but cannot govern their states and cannot bring happiness to their people.

The significant increase in such people indicates that societies' demands are also in this direction.

The changing modes of production have created a crowd fearful of new developments in the world... These people exist in almost every country... They seem to be trying to hide their fears behind a rage, choosing as leaders people who embrace, shout, and fight this rage.

They seek the solution to their fears not in happiness and prosperity but in anger.

In this age of anger and fear, regional wars and sharing fights exacerbated by the raging fire of the technological age happen concurrently.

Perhaps humanity is witnessing the sharing struggles between nation-states rather than experiencing another world war like previous ones... Politicians who do not seek "peaceful" sharing and benefit from war also fuel these struggles.

That's why the world is upside down... That's why we wake up every morning in great anguish.

The Industrial Revolution witnessed such a world, too.

But it later created relief... The turbulence of the 21st century also ends quickly by reiterating all its institutions, starting with politics, and also provides its blessings.

The world under the control of politics is truly bleak... Thankfully, there is science that ensures humanity's healthy long march.

Physics, which describes the level of human dominance over the universe, is also the field of science.

Keeping a close eye on the Nobel Prizes in physics every year helps us understand the point reached by humanity's accumulation of knowledge about the universe.

The 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to scientists Pierre Agostini, Ferenc Krausz, and Anne L'Huillier for their work on electron dynamics in matter.

Pierre Agostini is from Ohio State University in the US, Ferenc Krausz is from the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and Anne L'Hullier is from Lund University in Sweden.

Of course, politics obsessed with benefitting from freebies does not discuss the Nobel Prizes.

Nor is it curious about describing "electron dynamics in the matter".

The physicists who won the Nobel Prize were considered worthy of the award for light experiments that capture the "shortest moment" and open a window into the world of electrons.

What is the shortest moment?

One quintillionth of a second... A quintillion equals a thousand quadrillion and has 19 digits.

The shortest moment is called an "attosecond".

The golden-brained physicists invent experimental methods that produce light pulses of one "attosecond"...

Those who discovered a way to create short light pulses that measure processes where electrons move, or exchange energy inhabit the same era as politicians who turn the world into a bloody dump.

How can humanity produce such dissimilar creatures from within itself?

How does this schizophrenic split happen?

This needs to be discussed.

When I finished writing, I looked at the situation in the Middle East...

On the one hand, the chilling scenes from HAMAS's attack yesterday were playing on screens again...

On the other hand, it was said that Israel, which provides Gaza's electricity and water, had cut off power.

Let science open bright windows into the world of electrons...

Let politics kill people and leave them living without electricity.

Eventually, one of science and politics will prevail and give the Twenty-First Century its actual color.

I am, of course, in favor of science winning... But I also know how large the crowd wants politics to win.

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