Time for another "EU fairy tale" in Turkish diplomacy

Atalay remain in prison while Demirtas and Kavala will not be released and dozens of unnamed people continue to wait for justice! Meanwhile, a 14-year-old boy will be sentenced for insulting the President. But now it is time to play a little with the EU!

Turkey's pro-government media, with a broken conscience, continues to invent a new fairy tale every day. They pervert every concept and think that this game can go on forever in the unreal world they have created.

Two hours before his NATO trip, Erdogan raised the bar and said, "Sweden against the EU". As soon as he arrived in Vilnius, it was announced that he had approved Sweden's entry into NATO. Should he have waited? Of course he should have, given the many actions he has taken that contradict his previous statements. After all until yesterday, Sweden was one of the materials used by his media for dark propaganda against Kemal Kilicdaroglu. After the elections, they welcomed Sweden into NATO.

It is impossible not to feel sorry for those who work in the media and have the task of explaining Erdogan's "pull-drop" policy to the public with fairy tales. These poor people do not know what to write every morning. They devoured what they wrote about Sweden yesterday and managed to invent another victory story.

But this victory story had to be forgotten as soon as possible. They know that they suffered a heavy defeat. A new story was started immediately: EU membership.

Just like in the first years when they came to power. It worked for a long time to lull the masses to sleep. Then the Middle East, the Arab Spring, the Islamic world, terrorism, and similar episodes entered our lives. Now they are talking about the EU again.

Negotiations with the EU have been suspended for several years by the EU's own decision. Why were the talks broken off? The government was not sincere with its interlocutors, who took it seriously. It was not honest with anyone. First, they deceived their citizens that "we will democratize." Democratization could have the side effect of losing power. They sacrificed democracy to prevent the loss of their control. The only reason there are problems with the EU is because of the articles on democratization.

The total number of chapters is 35. Only three chapters have been completed. Only one of these three chapters has been completed. Trade and economic chapters are bureaucratic matters. It is not very difficult to open and close them. But when it comes to the real issues, it is almost impossible for Turkey to be accepted into the EU.

Let's give some examples:

Free movement of workers: Significant efforts are needed.

Public procurement: Substantial steps needed.

Information society and media: Substantial efforts are needed.

Agriculture and rural development: Substantial efforts are needed.

Food safety, veterinary, and phytosanitary: Substantial efforts are needed.

Taxation: Substantial effort is required.

Social policy and employment: Substantial effort required.

Justice and fundamental rights: Substantial effort needed.

Justice, freedom, and security: Substantial effort is needed.

Environment: Substantial effort is required.

The list can be expanded. The two crucial items on this list are "Justice and Fundamental Rights" and "Justice, Freedom, and Security." If there is no progress in these two chapters, what is the point of all the other chapters getting "very good" marks?

The question is not for the EU but for ourselves. Isn't it embarrassing to discuss these two chapters based on EU criteria and to use the miserable situation we are in due to this government's policies as a bargaining chip in the EU capitals? The government and its propaganda machine are fine with this. The media, which has a broken conscience, creates a new fairy tale every day.

Now it is time to play a little with the EU! Meanwhile, Can Atalay, elected by the people, remain in prison while Demirtas and Kavala will not be released, dozens of unnamed people continue to wait for justice and 14-year-old boy will be sentenced for insulting the president!

Those who run the media lack the wisdom to realize that the illusions they create harm society. Their greatest talent is that they can lie openly to the public and make some of them believe it.

Do you know how this government always accuses the EU of not being sincere? They are the ones who are not honest. And this is where the biggest lie begins.

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