1500-Year-Old mosaic unearthed in Turkey’s Afsin district

1500-Year-Old mosaic unearthed in Turkey’s Afsin district
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Excavations reveal 3 square meters of intricate floor mosaic with peacock and gazelle motifs.

A floor mosaic dating back approximately 1500 years has been discovered during excavations in the Afsin district of Turkey’s Maras province.
Afsin Mayor Mehmet Fatih Guven announced that three square meters of the intricate mosaic were unearthed as part of the ongoing efforts to uncover the area’s historical heritage.
The mosaic is believed to be from a church based on initial assessments. The central scene features a peacock, gazelle, and floral patterns, surrounded by decorative braided and wavy borders.
Mayor Guven stated that the archaeological findings reveal centuries of Afsin’s hidden history and cultural richness. Other 1500-year-old mosaics have also been found recently in the Maras region.
Last year, a 900-square-meter site with ancient mosaics and villa remains dating back 1500 years was opened to visitors after excavations in the Germanicia archaeological site.