Appointment of Tamer Karadagli as Director General of state theaters triggers a wave of resignations

Appointment of Tamer Karadagli as Director General of state theaters triggers a wave of resignations
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The controversial move sparks debate on meritocracy

The recent appointment of television actor Tamer Karadağli, best known for his portrayal of macho father character 'Haluk' in the TV series "Cocuklar Duymasin," as general director of the State Theaters (DT) by presidential decree has sparked a wave of resignations within the organization. President Erdogan's decision to appoint Karadagli to this crucial position has sparked debates about meritocracy and professional competence in the cultural sector.

When news of the appointment broke, several prominent figures within the State Theater Organization promptly submitted their resignations, citing concerns about the institution's future under the new leadership. Reports from Birgun's Sercan Meric claim that the directors of the State Theaters' three principal branches in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir have also announced their resignations, in addition to the members of DT Art's board of directors. These requests, however, have not been granted thus far.

The most notable resignation among these requests was that of Bengisu Gurbuzer Dogru, chief director at DT. Her resignation was officially accepted, marking the first tangible change after Karadagli's appointment. This development has only fueled the ongoing debate, leading to discussions about whether appointing a person known primarily for his work in television was the right choice for such a crucial role within the state theaters.

Critics argue that Karadagli's appointment raises questions about the principle of meritocracy and the importance of professional expertise in cultural leadership positions. They express concern that this decision may prioritize celebrity status over the artistic and administrative qualifications necessary to manage and promote the State Theaters' development effectively.