Art enthusiasts bid farewell to renowned Turkish painter

Art enthusiasts bid farewell to renowned Turkish painter
Update: 29 September 2022 23:09
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Komet was known for his paintings that blended imagination and reality

Turkish painter Gurkan Coskun, also known as Komet was laid to rest on Wednesday after he died of cancer at the age of 81 in Istanbul.

A big ceremony was held in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (MSGSU) for Komet where many art lovers gathered to pay their final respects.

“Komet passed through various movements during his career including new figure, new romantic, new expressionism, post modernism etc. Of course, his main success was to establish an artist identity above and beyond all of these, and create a unique line of his own,” said Handan Elci, the rector of MSGSU.

Born in the central Turkish city of Corum in 1941, Komet attended Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts between 1960 and 1967 and then moved to Paris in 1971. 

He painted various human appearances in complex and crowded groups on the canvas. The lover of black color in his paintings, Komet emphasized the theme of death and pain with the colors red, pink and yellow.