Danish-Kurdish pop star leads massive Kurdish dance at concert

Danish-Kurdish pop star leads massive Kurdish dance at concert
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"Hold each other's pinkie fingers and dance the Kurdish dance," pop star Tobias Rahim said as thousands danced “halay” with him in a recent concert in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen

Danish-Kurdish pop sensation Tobias Rahim set social media abuzz with footage of him leading tens of thousands of people in a lively Kurdish dance, known as "halay," during a monumental concert. The video, which Rahim also shared on his Instagram account, quickly went viral, capturing the attention of music enthusiasts and Kurdish communities worldwide.

In the captivating footage, Rahim can be seen encouraging his audience, saying, "Hold each other's pinkie fingers and dance the Kurdish dance." Accompanied by the electrifying sounds of an electro bağlama, a traditional Turkish stringed instrument, the singer initiated the halay, an energetic circle dance popular among Kurds.

Born in 1989 to a Kurdish mother and Danish father, Tobias Rahim spent two years living in a humble shack in Cali, Colombia, before rising to fame. In 2017, he released his self-titled solo EP, "Tobias Rahim." Following his initial success, he launched his highly acclaimed album, "National Romantik 2021," in 2020, featuring hit songs such as "Jesus," "Borderline," and "Sang til Siri."

Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 7 inches, the Kurdish-Danish pop star captivated the audience as he took command of the immense stage at Copenhagen's Royal Arena. Sporting an eye-catching tasseled gold cowboy ensemble, Rahim's performance showcased his artistic flair and stage presence.

During the recent arena show, Rahim demonstrated his determination to bridge cultures and bring the world to Denmark. As the concert reached its climax, he surprised the crowd by announcing his intention to perform "Kurder I København" ("Kurds in Copenhagen"), a tropical pop anthem highlighting the experiences of immigrants. The song concluded with a Middle Eastern twist, complete with Kurdish chants and traditional instruments.

Inviting several guest singers and musicians to join him on stage, including one individual proudly waving the Kurdish flag, Rahim spoke passionately about his Kurdish heritage. He expressed his pride in being a Kurd and urged the audience to join him in a gesture of unity by linking their pinkie fingers and swaying rhythmically, reminiscent of the joyous celebrations at a Kurdish wedding.