Last one in the row: Zeytinli Rock Festival in Turkey cancelled by governor

Last one in the row: Zeytinli Rock Festival in Turkey cancelled by governor
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A major rock festival to host concerts of major Turkish rock bands and singers has been cancelled on the orders of a district governor.

A rock festival to take place in 17-21 August in Turkey's western district of Burhaniye was cancelled by a district governor on Wednesday.

The governor said in a statement that the Zeytinli Rock Festival would not be allowed this year in the light of past complaints on issues of security, public order, traffic and environment that allegedly arose in previous organizations of the festival.

The festival, organized with intervals since 2005, was expected to attract a large audience this year as major Turkish rock bands and singers like Duman, Mor ve Otesi, Athena, Sertab Erener, Manga, Cem Adrian, Selda Bagcan, Mogollar, Bulutsuzluk Ozlemi, Ceza and Gokhan Turkmen would perform.

Several music events in Turkey have been cancelled in past months by Turkish authorities with no solid reason.

Armenian-Spanish violinist Ara Malikian’s concert, which was scheduled to be held on 11 June in Turkey’s capital Ankara, was cancelled without any explanation.

Musician Melek Mosso’s concert, scheduled for 3 June, was cancelled on 26 May by the municipal council in the city of Isparta after she was targeted by conservative groups.

Kurdish musician Mem Ararat’s concert in the western city of Bursa was cancelled for "public safety" reasons.

Musician Niyazi Koyuncu announced on 24 May that a district municipal council in Istanbul cancelled his concert to be held on 25 May.

Apolas Lermi, who sings almost forgotten Pontic Greek songs, was targeted by a government media columnist who said that Lermi voiced support for the recognition of the Pontus Genocide, and Lermi’s two successive concerts were subsequently cancelled on 23 May.

Kurdish musician Aynur Doğan’s concert to be held in Turkey western seaport city of Derince on 20 May was cancelled by a local council, who said in a statement that it’s been concluded that the concert is not appropriate.

In the western city of Eskisehir, a music festival was cancelled by the city governor on 10 May.