Musical greeting from Turkey to Iranian protests

Musical greeting from Turkey to Iranian protests
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Music bands Ahura and Praksis from Turkey performed a Kurdish version of the Iranian song “Baraye” that has become an anthem of the Iranian protests

Two music bands in Turkey performed an Iranian song that has become the protest anthem of the national uprising in the country which followed the killing of 22-year-old Kurdish Jina Amini in police custody because her hair was showing.

Ahura and Praksis from Turkey’s western city of Izmir rearranged and recorded the song titled “Baraye” and released it with videos that were posted on youtube.

Baraye, which means “For …” or “Because of …”, was written by one of Iran’s most popular musicians, Shervin Hajipour, with verses taken from 31 messages that Iranian citizens had posted online sharing their individual misery, pain and grief.

The song was thrust into the international spotlight by many music bands across the world including the British band Coldplay who played it in Buenos Aires, Argentina, late October.

Ahura and Praksis also released a statement in three languages about the song, which they performed in Kurdish and Turkish, and said they sent a musical greeting from Turkey to the protests that started in Iran under the leadership of women.

Here are the lyrics of the song:

For Freedom

Women from Iran tearing up the darkness

They wink at the streets of the world

This song is female

This song is life

This song is freedom