New general manager of Turkish State Theaters earlier refused acting job

New general manager of Turkish State Theaters earlier refused acting job
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Tamer Karadagli had not made it years ago in an exam for the recruitment of 120 new acting staff, seasoned Turkish actor Yucel Ertem recalls.

A seasoned Turkish actor who has worked for Turkey's State Theaters since 1969 said that Tamer Karadagli who has recently been appointed as the General Manager of State Theaters was years earlier rejected by the state theater company on his application for an acting job.

Yucel Ertem told daily Birgun:

"If I'm not mistaken, we once recruited for the State Theaters 120 actors who qualified in an exam. The man in question, he wasn't able to qualify. It is hard to understand how he was appointed out of the blue even though he doesn't have that much to do with the art of stage performance."

He added:

"But this is not actually so important. What's important is that the actors and workers of the State Theaters have been resisting change for tens of years now, and they have by their own choice let themselves be dragged into this kind of life, into submission."

Birgun's Sercan Meric noted that Karadagli appeared only twice on stage since 2000, that he was more of a TV celebrity who performed in long-running series, and that his recent appointment was actually to screen the power handed over to a vice manager who had absolutely no experience in acting of any sort.

"The true objective was to make Ibrahim Akturk, a man with a degree on theology, the sole authority in State Theaters," he said.