Poll: Turkey’s favorite street food

Poll: Turkey’s favorite street food
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According to the poll conducted by Areda Survey, “kokorec” was the most popular street food in Turkey.

Turkey’s most popular street food has been determined. Areda Survey carried out its research using the “Profile Based Digital Panel” with the participation of 1,100 people.


According to the research, kokorec, an intestine-based dish, garnered 18.5 percent of the vote and took its place as Turkey’s favorite street delicacy.


Doner took second place with 18.2 percent.


Simit ranked third with 14.5 percent.

According to the findings, in the choice between kokorec and mussels, 78.7 percent of the Turkish people prefer the former, while 21.3 percent prefer the latter.


The research also shows that doner kebab is among the favorite street foods Turkish people have enjoyed for years. When research participants were asked, “Do you prefer chicken doner or meat doner?" 82.3 percent preferred meat doner, while 17.7 percent preferred chicken doner.

According to the research, when it comes to street rice, 53.2 percent of Turkish people choose chicken rice whereas 46.8 percent prefer rice with chickpeas.