Erdogan's advisor: Sweden will never be a NATO member

Erdogan's advisor: Sweden will never be a NATO member
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Ogan has expressed his reaction to the hanging of Erdogan effigy in Stockholm by targeting Swedish authorities with strong words.

An advisor to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reacted harshly to a protest in Sweden's capital, in which a life-size effigy of Erdogan was hanged on a pole by political activists on Thursday.

Ayhan Ogan said on Twitter on Friday:

"Sweden has surrendered to PKK. They still think they are a state. You will not have Turkey at the table again. The f*** you'll be a member of NATO!" [asterisk by editor]

Apparently upon reactions on social media, he said:

"I heard that some nice kids got offended by the language. The world's most kind prime minister had been hanged in this country, and the world had remained silent. I know, you miss those days. Don't conceal yourselves behind Sweden, PKK or politeness. We'll cut the tongue of those who speak against Erdogan, we'll cut their hands off if they make any attempt at him. If you have the guts, step forward."

Ogan's reference to the "prime minister who had been hanged" is the execution of former Turkish prime minister Adnan Menderes who had been overthrown by a military coup in 1960.

Sweden's ambassador to Ankara was summoned to the Turkish foreign ministry after the protest in Stockholm and the incident was officially condemned by Turkish officials.