Erdogan calls for calm amid tensions with Israel

Erdogan calls for calm amid tensions with Israel
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Turkey's balancing act between allegiances and the path to reconciliation with Israel.

Rising tensions in Israel prompted a swift response from Ankara, with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan urging restraint in his speech to the Justice and Development Party (AKP) congress. This call for calm comes against Turkey's complex relationship with the embattled state and its regional affiliations.

In his speech, detailed on NTV, President Erdogan emphasized Turkey's stance in the wake of the morning's troubling events in Israel. "We call on all parties to act with restraint and avoid impulsive steps that will escalate tensions," he urged, signaling Ankara's cautious approach to the unfolding crisis.

Turkey's relations with Hamas, known for initiating the recent attacks on Israel, have been remarkably close, although there has been a "cooling off" recently. In the intricate dance of alliances, Qatar, Turkey's most important ally in the Middle East, maintains a close dialogue with Hamas.

The warming relations between Ankara and Tel Aviv underscore President Erdogan's call for restraint. A pivotal moment is expected in November when Turkey's energy minister announces an upcoming visit to Israel.

The president's comments encapsulate the delicate balance Turkey is trying to maintain in these turbulent times.