Erdogan to meet Sisi in coming months

Erdogan to meet Sisi in coming months
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As the relations between Turkey and Egypt are normalized; the two presidents are expected to meet in 3-6 months to discuss cooperation in economy, tourism, and culture, Turkish Charge d'Affaires in Cairo Salih Mutlu Sen said

Turkey-Egypt relations have returned to normal and that a meeting between Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is expected to take place within the next 3-6 months, Turkish Ambassador Salih Mutlu Sen, the Charge d'Affaires in Cairo, said on Thursday.

During a televised interview with Saudi TV Asharq News, Sen discussed diplomatic relations between Turkey and Egypt, as well as assessments of shared issues in various fields, including economics, trade, tourism, and other areas.

Sen expressed that significant steps have been taken towards normalization with Egypt, and trust has been reestablished between the two countries.

"The two brotherly countries, Turkey and Egypt, and their peoples desire to collaborate in all areas in the future. There were certain obstacles between the two countries, but we managed to overcome them all. Turkey-Egypt relations have returned to normal. Currently, we are discussing official cooperation opportunities between the two countries in various fields such as economy, tourism, and culture, within the framework of the interests of both nations' people. Therefore, the situation between the two countries is progressing towards the future with a high level of trust and respect," Sen said.

The relations between Ankara and Cairo have broken down after Sisi ousted Egypt’s former president Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood and launched a crackdown on the group that Erdogan backs politically. Erdogan who had forged close relations with Morsi, frequently denounced Sisi as a “dictator”, a “putschist” and a “murderer” and ousted for years any talks with him, until November last year in Qatar he shook hands with him passionately in a brief encounter during FIFA World Cup.

Ambassador Sen said the expected meeting between Erdogan and Sisi could take place within the next 3-6 months.

"The congratulations message sent by President Sisi to President Erdogan and the phone call between the two leaders were very friendly steps. I can say that this step confirms a strong political desire for progress in the relations," he added.

When asked about the issue of delimitation of maritime jurisdiction areas, Ambassador Sen stated, "The delimitation of maritime jurisdiction areas is a matter of cooperation, not competition."