Erdogan: "US primarily responsible for fueling terrorism in Syria"

Erdogan: "US primarily responsible for fueling terrorism in Syria"
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While the Turkish President recently targeted Washington with unusually strong remarks, it has not been even cited in most of the US media.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's strong accusation against the United States administration of "being the main sponsor of terrorism in Syria" was not cited in a large part of the US media as it made headline on Friday only on MSN's website.

When Erdogan replied to questions by journalists during his return trip from Ukraine, he was asked a question about the recent situation on the ground in Syria.

Emphasizing that the Turkish military carried out anti-terror operations in Northern Syria in collaboration with Russian forces, he said:

"Currently, the United States is carrying thousands of trucks of weapons, munition, equipment, vehicles into the region. To whom are they providing all these? To terrorist groups. The US cannot say, 'I did not fuel terrorism.' The US and the members of the Global Coalition are primarily responsible for fueling terrorism in Syria. They have done this pitilessly and they still do. They were not satisfied with doing it only in Syria, so they started doing it in Iraq as well. If there is an unrest in Iraq today, it is unfortunately the US who is responsible for it. They even meet with the senior officials of terrorist groups in the White House."

Erdogan also accused the Syrian government of buying oil extracted from Qamisli in Northern Syria, in a territory under the control of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), a political entity that emerged during the Syrian civil war under the leadership of pro-Kurdish political parties, who according to Erdogan is a "terrorist group."