EU, Greece, and Cyprus stand with Israel amid attacks

EU, Greece, and Cyprus stand with Israel amid attacks
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Condemnations pour in as nations express solidarity following rocket strikes.

In an unyielding display of support, prominent figures from the European Union, Greece, and Cyprus have vehemently condemned the severe rocket attacks inflicted upon Israel, emphasizing a united front against terror and violence.
According to the European media, European Council President Charles Michel, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, and President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola each expressed profound condemnations of the indiscriminate attacks that have instilled terror and turmoil among innocent civilians. They highlighted the union's unwavering solidarity with the Israeli people as they endured these trying times.
Michel and Metsola's responses underscored the horrific implications of the attacks on everyday citizens. "We strongly condemn the indiscriminate attacks launched against Israel and its people this morning, causing terror and violence against innocent civilians," Michel stated, his sentiments echoed by Metsola, who emphasized that terror will never prevail.
Von der Leyen took a direct stance against the Hamas terrorists, branding the act as "terrorism in its most despicable form." She affirmed Israel's right to defend itself against malicious and heinous attacks.
As reported by Kathimerini, the Greek Foreign Ministry, unyielding in its stance, made its position clear via X (formerly known as Twitter). A forthright declaration denounced the heavy rocket attacks from Gaza, assuring Israel of Greece's unyielding support amidst this escalating violence.
Cyprus, too, was vocal in its condemnation. According to the Cyprus News Agency, through posts on X, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cyprus Embassy in Israel characterized the act as a "horrific infiltration". They expressed absolute condemnation against the thousands of indiscriminate rocket attacks targeting civilians.
"Our thoughts are with those who have been affected," stated the Foreign Ministry's post, a sentiment that echoed the collective conscience of the nations standing with Israel. The Cyprus Embassy, emphasizing the severity of the situation, reiterated the country's stand with Israel amidst the ongoing crisis.