Former Greek FM: Erdogan can come neither day nor night

Former Greek FM: Erdogan can come neither day nor night
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New Democracy Party deputy Dora Bakoyannis said she has never heard such a level of threat, referring to Erdogan's remarks saying "All of a sudden, we can come overnight."

Dora Bakoyannis, a deputy from the New Democracy in Greece, said that Turkey took its level of threats to an unprecedented level.  “I've never heard such rhetoric before, especially from the president," she said. 

Former Mayor of Athens and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Bakoyannis made these remarks in a televised interview in Greek SKAI TV.

On Saturday, Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan targeted Greece over disputes between the two countries on the Aegean Sea saying "When the time comes, we will do what is necessary. As we say, all of a sudden, we can come overnight."

"They can come neither day nor night, because the answer they will get will be very strong. If he thinks that Greece will not respond, he is wrong," Bakoyannis said, adding that Turkey was "fearing of Greece's new armament program and "felt insecure" because of this."

She continued: "No government can accept the violation of its sovereignty. Erdogan wants to send a message to both the Turkish public and the United States. Westerners are trying to keep Turkey in the West, but they also know that it is difficult to trust Erdogan.”

Bakoyannis concluded that she did not believe there was a possibility of Erdogan attacking Greece, but she was afraid “an accident could happen”