Germany: Government partners react to Turkish airstrikes in Syria

Germany: Government partners react to Turkish airstrikes in Syria
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The Green Party and the FDP, partners of the coalition government, have protested against Turkey's attacks in Syria, a day before the planned visit of the Interior Minister to Ankara.

The two partners of the coalition government in Germany reacted to the recent Turkish airstrikes in Northern Syria, as the German Interior Minister, a member of the coalition's third partner, is expected to make an official visit to Ankara to meet her counterpart.

Turkey's attacks on late Saturday in several areas have reportedly left many people dead, including civilians, fighters of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and Syrian troops, and dozens injured.

Ulrich Lechte, the foreign policy spokesperson for the Free Democratic Party (FDP), said on Sunday:

"Erdogan attacks Kurdish areas in Syria and Iraq in violation of international law, even as Iran invades the Kurdish city of Mahabad. In both cases a high number of civilian casualties is to be expected. I condemn this unacceptable approach: we must take a closer look and act accordingly."

Lamya Kaddor, the domestic policy spokesperson for the Green Party, said:

"Erdogan has been wishing to set up buffer zones in northern Syria for years. Apparently, it wasn't just the attack in Istanbul that legitimized the launching of the airstrikes and the timing of the confrontation. NATO accession of Sweden and Finland has also not been signed in the mean time. Elections are coming up."

Martin Schirdewan, the co-chair of the left opposition Die Linke and member of the European Parliament, also voiced protest against Turkish attacks, and called for the cancellation of Interior Minister Nancy Faeser's visit.

He said:

"Turkey massively bombed Rojava tonight. Erdogan attacks those who fight ISIS. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser wants to speak tomorrow in Ankara about 'terrorism.' This visit has to be cancelled! Even hypocrisy has a limit."

The government's third partner Social Democrats remained silent both on Turkish attacks and on reactions by its partners and the Left.