Germany's Interior Minister urges closer ties with Turkey on migration

Germany's Interior Minister urges closer ties with Turkey on migration
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Germany's Interior Minister, Nancy Faeser, has called for stronger collaboration with Turkey on migration, emphasizing that the current EU-Turkey agreement is not functioning adequately.

Germany's Federal Interior Minister, Nancy Faeser, addressed the pressing challenges surrounding migration and highlighted the need for deeper cooperation with Turkey in the future. Speaking to Die Welt Am Sonntag newspaper, Faeser revealed that there has been an increased federal police presence at the Polish and Czech borders. However, she was quick to note that tighter border controls alone would not completely deter asylum seekers.

Referring to the practices in Switzerland, Faeser praised the current collaboration, "We have an excellent partnership with Switzerland at present. Our federal police can operate on Swiss soil, working closely with Swiss police forces to prevent unauthorized entries."

Faeser indicated that a similar arrangement could be established with the Czech Republic, stating, "Negotiations and agreements are already underway." More critically, she underscored the urgent need to work more closely with Turkey on matters of migration. Faeser pointed out the necessity of updating the existing agreement, commenting, "This needs to be done. The current EU-Turkey deal isn't working well enough."