Iraq condemns Turkish airstrikes in Kurdish region after Ankara bombing

Iraq condemns Turkish airstrikes in Kurdish region after Ankara bombing
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Iraqi President calls for respect of sovereignty and civilian safety.

Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid has condemned Turkish airstrikes in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq following a deadly bombing in Ankara.

President Rashid told media outlets that Turkey must respect Iraq's sovereignty and consider the situation. He said Ankara's violations have led to civilian deaths.

"Turkey's violations take place throughout the day in the Kurdistan region. Turkish warplanes, the border area, and military bases in Iraq... We do not accept this," Rashid stated.

After a bomb attack on Turkey's Interior Ministry, allegedly by the PKK, Turkey launched airstrikes on PKK targets in northern Iraq. Turkey cited self-defense rights under the UN Charter.

President Rashid said Iraq wants to reach an agreement with Turkey, as it has with Iran, to resolve problems. He rejected Turkey's "daily violations" in various Kurdish cities.

While Turkey blames the PKK for destabilizing the region, Iraq insists Turkish military actions violate its sovereignty and endanger civilians. With tensions escalating, the Iraqi government hopes to broker a diplomatic solution.

The airstrikes highlight the potential for Turkey's cross-border operations in Iraq to inflame regional tensions further. Iraq urges restraint and respect for its territorial integrity.