Iraq, Syria voice support for Hamas

Iraq, Syria voice support for Hamas
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Officials say the attack on Israel is a justified response to "oppression".

Iraq and Syria have expressed support for the ongoing military offensive launched by Hamas against Israel.

In a statement on Saturday, reported by the Jerusalem Post, an Iraqi government spokesperson described the Hamas campaign dubbed "Operation Al-Aqsa Flood" as a "natural result" of decades of "systemic oppression" by Israel's "Zionist Occupation authority."

The spokesperson warned the clashes could further destabilize the region.

Meanwhile, according to the Sana, Syria's Foreign Ministry praised the Hamas operation as "honorable" and asserted that resistance is the only path for Palestinians to achieve their rights.

A Syrian statement denounced Israel's "brutal practices" against Palestinians and said the Hamas rocket barrage proves the Palestinian people's right to establish an independent state.

Iraq and Syria are long-time opponents of Israel with close ties to militant groups like Hamas and Hezbollah that target the Jewish state.