Mitsotakis and Macron discussed the security of Europe's borders with Turkey

Mitsotakis and Macron discussed the security of Europe's borders with Turkey
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The leaders pledge enhanced border management and technology cooperation to predict extreme weather events.

Greece's Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis held a crucial meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on the sidelines of the MED9 Summit in Valletta. The top leaders delved into bilateral and European interest issues, setting the stage for the forthcoming European Political Community Summit and the Informal European Council slated for 5-6 October in Granada.

As reported by Greece's public broadcaster ERT, both Mitsotakis and Macron lauded the growing defense cooperation between Greece and France. Mitsotakis expressed gratitude for France's instrumental role in combating the severe fires that ravaged parts of Greece this summer. In the meeting, the Prime Minister reiterated his call for a fortified European response mechanism to natural disasters and climate change, echoing his earlier communication to MED9 leaders.

In the expansive talks, Mitsotakis highlighted Greece's unwavering commitment to stringent border management policies. He emphasized the imperative of solidarity and collaborative efforts among EU member states to curb illegal migration. The focus is dismantling smugglers' networks that exploit desperate people, thrusting them into perilous journeys across borders in the Aegean Sea and other border regions with third countries.

During the talks, the leaders also explored avenues for enhancing cooperation in technology, mainly focusing on innovations capable of predicting extreme weather events. This aligns with the broader European strategy of bolstering preparedness and response mechanisms to the unfolding climate crisis.

The ripple effects of the ongoing developments in Ukraine also featured in the discussions. With Europe's geopolitical landscape rapidly developing, Greece and France are keen on fostering a united front, underscored by robust policies and actions to navigate the complex dynamics shaping the continent.

The Mitsotakis-Macron meeting indicates the strengthening ties between Greece and France and underscores their joint commitment to confronting shared challenges. As Europe grapples with issues from border security to the climate crisis, such bilateral engagements are pivotal in forging a resilient, responsive, and adaptive European community.