In a show of support, German Minister visits Istanbul Mayor

In a show of support, German Minister visits Istanbul Mayor
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German Minister of State Anna Luhrmann met with Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu who face prison sentence and a political ban and said that “democratic competition needs fair play rules”

Anna Luhrmann, a German minister responsible for Europe and climate affairs met with Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoglu as part of an official visit to Turkey on January 3-4.

After the meeting, Luhrmann said in a series of tweets that “it would be extremely problematic if he was removed from the game arbitrarily”

“A dubious lawsuit is pending against him, which could result in a political ban. Considering the upcoming elections in Turkey, it is clear that democratic competition needs fair play rules. It would be highly problematic if parties or candidates were arbitrarily removed from the game before the election. This also applies to potential candidates," she said.

Luhrmann, who also met with representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations during his contacts in Turkey, drew attention to Turkey's potential in green transformation and renewable energy.

"There is enormous potential for Turkey and its cooperation in Green Transformation. The conditions for renewable energy and green hydrogen are excellent. This was evident in a meeting with entrepreneurs at AHK (German Chamber of Foreign Trade,)” she said.

The German Minister also met with the Good Party leader Meral Aksener at the party headquarters in Ankara. Germany's Ambassador to Ankara Jürgen Schulz also took part in the visit.