Soylu: Turkey could lose green passport privileges

Soylu: Turkey could lose green passport privileges
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Turkey's Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu warned that the country risks losing green passport privileges as they have exceeded the allocated amount set by the world for this type of passport.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, issued a warning about the use of green passports in Turkey, stating that the country has exceeded the amount allocated by the world for this type of passport, adding that if this situation continues, all green passports could become personal passports.

Speaking at a meeting of the Bakirkoy Istanbul Chamber of Craftsmen and Tradesmen, Soylu said the green passport is an essential asset for Turkey's foreign relations, especially in the areas of exports, diplomatic visits, and institutional visitsas it strengthens the country's position.

“There is a certain amount that the world has allocated to us. We are about to exceed this amount, or we can even say that we have already exceeded it. Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs is constantly being criticized for surpassing this limit. God forbid, we may face a situation where all green passports could turn into personal passports,” Soylu said.

The green passport is a type of passport that is given to public servants, athletes, businesspeople, and lawyers who meet certain requirements. It provides privileges for traveling abroad and has a green-colored cover, hence its name. With a green passport, holders can visit many countries without obtaining a visa beforehand, or they can take advantage of visa-on-arrival or online visa applications.