Syria has two conditions to normalize relations with Turkey

Syria has two conditions to normalize relations with Turkey
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A top official from the Syrian national assembly said Syria was ready to restore relations with Turkey, but it had some conditions

Syria is ready to restore relations with Turkey, provided that Ankara "stops its occupation of the northern Syrian regions and does not provide support to terrorist groups," said Boutros Merjaneh, Chairman of the International Relations Committee of the Syrian Parliament, in an interview with Russian Izvestia.

“First of all, Turkey must admit that it has invaded Syrian lands and harbored gangs that were classified as terrorist by a UN Security Council resolution. Also, Turkey needs to be ready to withdraw from occupied Syrian territory, and then yes, Syria will be ready to develop relations," Merjaneh said.

The relations between Turkey and Syria should be built on the basis of good neighborly principles, taking into account the common interests of both states, Merjaneh said.

 “If Turkey is ready, Syria is also ready to develop its relations with Ankara. But for now, the barriers still remain and they are fundamental,” he added.

Al Marjan said that there were some contacts between the two sides in the field of security, but did not confirm a meeting was held between the intelligence heads of the countries.

Izvestia also quoted a previous Turkish newspaper’s report over five conditions allegedly set by Ankara to normalize relations with Syria. Turkey’s most important requirement is to clear the region from YPG (People’s Protective Units,) the main component of the US-backed SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces,) a mainly Kurdish armed group that has controled swathes of Northern Syria, after ift defeated ISIS (Islamic State) in a fierce battle. 

Turkey sees YPG as an offshoot of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party,) an armed group that has been fighting Turkey for four decades.