Syria voices grave concerns regarding escalating tensions

Syria voices grave concerns regarding escalating tensions
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Recent military confrontations and Israeli strikes on Syrian soil raise concerns of a larger conflict engulfing the region.

Syria voiced grave concerns on Wednesday regarding escalating tensions, emphasizing that Israel's recurrent aggression on its territory might set the stage for a broader regional conflict. This alarm bell comes in the wake of multiple Israeli airstrikes that Syria perceives as not only a direct assault on its sovereignty but also as part of Israel's broader expansionist objectives against innocent civilians.

In a statement received by SANA, Syria's Foreign and Expatriates Ministry elaborated that as part of its expansionist policies and continued massacres in and out of Palestine, Israeli forces have launched a new attack on Syrian territories. This marks the fourth assault within the last ten days. Early this morning, an airstrike targeted military locations in the Daraa governorate, resulting in the deaths of eight military personnel and injuries to seven others, in addition to material damages. Later in the day, another strike targeted Aleppo's civilian international airport.

The ministry further stated that "Israel's thirst for more Palestinian and Syrian blood seems unquenched".

Highlighting the ongoing attacks by settlers on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the ministry expressed that such actions expose the falsehood of Israel and Western allies' claims. According to Damascus, their primary concern appears to be supporting Israel's expansionist policies while sabotaging any efforts to restore the rights of the Palestinians — their return and the establishment of their independent state.