Syrian and Turkish diplomats may meet if Ankara accepts conditions: Deputy

Syrian and Turkish diplomats may meet if Ankara accepts conditions: Deputy
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Withdrawal of Turkish forces from Syria's and the surrender of occupied areas to the Syrian army is the major condition for a meeting of Syrian and Turkish FMs, Syrian deputy Jadaan has said.

Damascus delivered a memorandum to Ankara stating the conditions on which a meeting of foreign ministers can be held, Syrian deputy Ali Odah al-Jadaan said.

Speaking to Rudaw, Jadaan said that the memorandum was conveyed by Russian diplomats and a meeting between Syrian and Turkish ministers will be possible only on condition that Ankara accepts the demands of Damascus.

A meeting of the deputy foreign ministers of Russia, Syria, Turkey and Iran, scheduled for last week, was recently postponed to an unspecified date.

Jadaan specified the condition for a meeting:

"The withdrawal of Turkish occupiers from areas in Syria's northeast, the surrender of these areas to the Syrian army, and the return of the Syrian state to territories earlier occupied and held under control by Turkey via its proxy militias."

Jaddan also pointed that the coming elections on 14 May would be decisive for the fate of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP), and that the Turkish side was trying to "gain time" for political objectives before the elections.

"We are not a leverage to be used by AKP, we are a sovereign state, and our occupied territories must be returned to us" he continued, adding:

"If the conditions are accepted, Damascus will welcome any agreement, on principle that 'there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics.'"

Jaddan noted that the Syrian government has not yet received a response from Ankara concerning the memorandum.