Turkey may sever ties with the EU

Turkey may sever ties with the EU
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On the eve of his U.S. visit and 13th U.N. General Assembly address, Turkey's President delivers a powerful message about the nation's strained relationship with the European Union.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan shed light on Turkey's relations with the West before his address to the United Nations General Assembly. Referring to a recent report from the European Parliament, he voiced concerns about the E.U.'s alleged efforts to distance itself from Turkey.

According to the Anatoly Agency, Erdogan evaluated Turkey's ongoing pursuit of E.U. membership. "Given the latest developments, we will reconsider our stance. If necessary, based on these reflections, we might contemplate disengaging from the E.U.," he articulated.

Turning his attention to Sweden's potential NATO membership, an issue of growing prominence, Erdogan remarked, "The West consistently cites 'Sweden, Sweden, Sweden' as a focal point. However, our position remains anchored in our parliamentary decisions. Sweden has responsibilities to fulfill. Simply crafting a law is not adequate; its rigorous implementation is pivotal. Allowing terrorists to join demonstrations under Swedish police protection signifies a failure to uphold these responsibilities."

Highlighting recent domestic accomplishments, Erdogan pointed out, "The evident democratic maturity during our May 14-28 elections has piqued the interest of the global business sector towards Turkey." He further asserted his commitment by noting, "In this era of global transformation, we are unwavering in our resolve to turn challenges into beneficial prospects for our nation."

Focusing on the ongoing crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) Erdogan revealed that a proposal for quadrilateral meetings to address the Karabakh situation has been extended to involved parties.