Turkey says Armenia’s “unacceptable” attitude towards Azerbaijan will have consequences

Turkey says Armenia’s “unacceptable” attitude towards Azerbaijan will have consequences
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Erdogan called on Yerevan to leave “this wrong track” as soon as possible

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Armenia will face consequences for its “unacceptable” attitude towards Azerbaijan.

Commenting on recent clashes erupted between the two neighboring rivals, “This attitude will undoubtedly lead to some consequences for Armenia, which has been constantly displaying aggressive behaviors,” Erdogan said during an opening ceremony in capital Ankara on Wednesday.

Erdogan also blamed Yerevan of not fulfilling the terms of the agreement signed with Baku, following the Nagorno- Karabakh war of 2020.

New clashes erupted between Azerbaijan and Armenia on early Tuesday, which was seen as the most violent confrontation since the six weeks war of autumn 2020 over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. 

Azerbaijan blamed Armenian armed forces of a series of “large-scale provocations” and said it has taken “retaliatory” measures. Denying the allegations, Armenia accused Azerbaijan for shelling Armenian positions in the direction of Sotk, Vardenis, Goris, Kapan, Artanish, Ishkhanasar, Jermuk and nearby settlements, occupying ten square kilometers of Armenian sovereign territory.

“We hope that Armenia will leave this wrong track as soon as possible,” Erdogan said, calling on Yerevan to put time and energy into strengthening peace. Erdogan also urged Armenian administration to fulfil the ceasefire accord.

In September 2020, Azerbaijan and Armenia fought over Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed area between the two neighbors since early 1990’s. The six weeks of clashes resulted with a Russia brokered truce agreement and Armenia gave back territories in the region as part of the November deal. Ankara sided with Baku in the conflict, providing military support to Azerbaijan. 

“The whole world should know that we stand with our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters in the face of this development as well, as has always been the case,” Turkish president said.