Turkey to lift ban on direct air cargo with Armenia

Turkey to lift ban on direct air cargo with Armenia
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One of the agreements reached in the rapprochement between the two countries has been fulfilled.

Turkish state media confirmed on January 6 that the embargo on air cargo transportation with Armenia had been lifted. The decision comes as a result of the normalization negotiations undertaken by representatives Serdar Kilic and Ruben Rubinyan of Turkey and Armenia, respectively, back in July of 2022.

According to Public Radio of Armenia, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vahan Hunanyan has said, “The Turkish side informed us today that the ban on direct air cargo transportation has been lifted.”

The July negotiations had also included an agreement that citizens of third countries would be able to cross the land border. Though this has yet to take place, Hunanyan expressed his hope for the future development saying, “We expect that the other agreement – ensuring the possibility of land border crossing for third-country nationals – will also be swiftly realized.”

As of yet, the land border between the two countries remains closed by Turkey and there is no direct ground transportation, as it has been for the past three decades, leaving Armenia effectively landlocked from both the east and west.