Turkish main opposition leader weighs in on Israel-Hamas conflict

Turkish main opposition leader weighs in on Israel-Hamas conflict
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CHP leader advocates for international intervention.

According to a report by Karar newspaper, CHP (Republican People's Party) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu expressed his concerns regarding the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas, advocating for international intervention to establish peace and ensure the recognition of Palestine's rights. His comments came during a press briefing after participating in a local media workshop in Marmaris.

Kilicdaroglu took a pacifist tone amidst the increasing hostilities. "We never want war. International organizations should intervene and ensure peace and the rights of Palestine," CHP's leader stated.

The CHP leader reaffirmed his solidarity with the Palestinian people and emphasized the necessity of international intervention to curb the escalating violence and uphold the rights of Palestine.

"Palestine is a country that has been seeking rights for a long time. We always stand with the Palestinian people," Kilicdaroglu affirmed.

Amidst the ongoing international crisis, the Turkish political arena is also abuzz with the recent U.S. action of downing a Turkish Unarmed Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) in northern Syria. Kilicdaroglu expressed strong reservations about this act, viewing it infringing on Turkey's sovereign rights.

"First, we never find it right and do not accept another country's intervention in Turkey's sovereign rights. Second, the Foreign and Defense Ministry did not provide enough enlightening information to the public on this issue. This is a big disaster," he expressed.