Turkish deputy says Schengen visa procedure turned into an ordeal

Turkish deputy says Schengen visa procedure turned into an ordeal
Update: 17 August 2022 22:07
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Turkish visa applicants suffer due to slow waiting lines, increasing fees and rejections, said opposition Deputy Sibel Ozdemir, criticizing the ministry of foreign affairs to stay put

As Turkish citizens who want to go to Europe agonize under the harsh conditions of visa applications, foreign ministry remains oblivious, said Sibel Ozdemir, a deputy from the main opposition CHP (People’s Republican Party).

She decried long waiting lines for a visa appointment, excessive amount of documents requested, increasing fees and refusal after all these efforts. 

“Countries such as Greece, Poland and Bulgaria come to our country by showing only their national identity cards whereas our own citizens face an increasing number of rejections every month,” she said. 

The opposition deputy criticized the government for not taking action to comply with the principle of reciprocity.

 “The rights of our citizens and the reputation of our country are not adequately defended. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not fulfill its responsibilities.” she said.

An deputy from the ruling block also said the rejection rates in Schengen visa applications have increased exponentially.

"If you act with the motivation to find a reason for rejection, you will not be acting on the legal ground," said Ziya Altunyaldiz, Chairman of the AKP Parliamentary Industry Commission.