Turkish opposition leader breaks ranks and urges restraint

Turkish opposition leader breaks ranks and urges restraint
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Unlike conservative Turkish politicians, Ali Babacan breaks ranks and urges adherence to the law.

A prominent Turkish opposition leader has indirectly criticized Hamas while calling for restraint amid clashes with Israel. While acknowledging Palestinian grievances, Babacan stopped short of endorsing Hamas' actions.

According to the Birgun, Ali Babacan, chairman of the DEVA Party, said both sides must abide by international law in the wake of Hamas' military offensive dubbed Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

"Both those who cast a shadow on the just cause of the Palestinian people and the state of Israel must fulfill the requirements of international law and the basic values of humanity," Babacan posted online Saturday.

His muted reaction contrasts the bellicose rhetoric employed by Turkey's political parties, which have firmly backed Hamas.

Babacan is a former senior member of Turkey's ruling AKP. He served as economy and foreign minister before resigning in 2019 over disagreements with President Erdogan's policies.