US expresses concern over Turkish airstrikes in Northern Syria

US expresses concern over Turkish airstrikes in Northern Syria
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The US State Department expressed concern over military operations in Northern Syria, particularly those affecting civilians and civilian infrastructure, emphasizing the importance of all parties respecting ceasefire zones in Syria.

"The United States remains concerned about the impact of military actions in northern Syria, especially when they target civilian infrastructure and have an impact on civilians, as well as our ongoing operations to defeat ISIS," The US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said on Friday during a daily press briefing, addressing questions related to Turkey's recent military actions in the region.

In light of the recent bombing attack in Ankara on October 1, where Turkey's Foreign Minister, Hakan Fidan, attributed the attackers to Northeast Syria, Fidan had previously announced that energy production facilities and infrastructure installations in Northeast Syria would be targeted. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had, however, denied any involvement in the attack or the passage of attackers from Northeast Syria into Turkey.

Spokesperson Miller emphasized the necessity for all parties involved in the Syrian conflict to respect ceasefire zones. He stated, "Respecting and maintaining ceasefire zones is crucial for achieving stability in Syria and working toward a political solution to this crisis."

The Northeast Syria region has been a focal point of the Syrian conflict, with multiple parties vying for control and influence. The situation remains complex, with ongoing military operations causing concern among international stakeholders.

The US State Department's expression of concern underscores the need for a peaceful resolution to the Northeast Syria crisis and highlights the United States' commitment to safeguarding civilian lives and infrastructure amid the turmoil.