Economic confidence index in Turkey falls in March

Economic confidence index in Turkey falls in March
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The economic confidence index has dropped in the month of March, as it had in February. The index was measured at 98.8 points. A value under 100 in the index measured between 0 - 200 points indicates a pessimistic outlook.

Arti Gercek reports that the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) has released its data on the economic confidence index.

According to the findings, while the index was at 99.1 in February, it dropped by 0.2% and is now at 98.8 in the month of March.

The consumer confidence index decreased by 2.9% in March compared to the previous month and is now at 80.1.

During the same period, the real sector (manufacturing industry) confidence index increased by 1.7% and became 104.1.

While the services confidence index increased by 1.1% and became 116.8 in March, the retail trade confidence index decreased by 4.4% since February and is now at 117.7.

The economic confidence index had dropped by 0.3% in February in comparison to January.