Elon Musk fined by Turkey's competition board

Elon Musk fined by Turkey's competition board
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Despite its decision to fine Musk, the Competition Board has still approved Musk's takeover of Twitter, saying it did not have a significant impact on competition.

The Turkish Competition Board said on Monday that it decided to fine billionaire Elon Musk 0.1% of Twitter's gross income in Turkey in 2022, as his takeover of the company occurred without the board's permission.

The board still approved the takeover, saying "it did not significantly curb effective competition," adding that its decision to fine Musk would be open to legal challenge for a term of 60 days.

Access to Twitter was briefly blocked in Turkey on 8 February, two days after twin earthquakes struck. The block was lifted six hours later, as Turkish deputy minister of transport and infrastructure reportedly urged Twitter officials in a video conference to take action against "disinformation that is likely to create panic and chaos among people."