Hunger threshold for a Turkish family rises to 9,572 TL

Hunger threshold for a Turkish family rises to 9,572 TL
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According to the latest report by BISAM, the hunger threshold for a four-member family surged to 9,572 TL in Turkey, while the poverty treshold reached 33,754 TL.

Hunger threshold for a family in Turkey has risen to 9,572 TL in March 2023, the latest study conducted by the Research Center of United Metal Workers Union (BİSAM) has revealed. This threshold represents the minimum amount required for a healthy and balanced diet for a family.

According to the report, the monthly cost of food items required for a healthy and balanced diet for an adult male is 2,649 TL. For an adult female, the cost is 2,541 TL, for a young person between the ages of 15-18, it is 2,743 TL, and for a child between the ages of 4-6, it is 1,820 TL. The hunger threshold was determined to be 9,752 TL.

The study identified the significant costs associated with essential food items, with dairy and dairy products being the highest expenditure in daily expenses.

The report also shed light on poverty treshold, the minimum total expenses necessary for a family to meet their basic needs, including education, healthcare, housing, entertainment, heating, and transportation, which has reached 33,754 TL.

In March 2023, the dairy and dairy products group had the highest cost in daily expenses with a required expenditure of 114.60 TL. The minimum expenditure for meat, chicken, and fish group was 61.60 TL. The daily expenditure for fruits and vegetables reached 61.26 TL, and the expenditure for bread was 23.40 TL. Solid fats and liquid oils required an expenditure of 19.44 TL. Eggs required an expenditure of 7.82 TL, and sugar, honey, jam, and molasses required an expenditure of 9.10 TL.