Main opposition leader set to announce a new economic vision for Turkey

Main opposition leader set to announce a new economic vision for Turkey
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CHP Co-Chair Kemal Kilicdaroglu said he will declare an economic policy that will end all the crises in Turkey

Turkey’s main opposition CHP (People’s Republican Party) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu prepares to declare a new economic plan for Turkey to exert after next year’s elections should the opposition grab power, Turkish media reported.

Kilicdaroglu on Tuesday said he will propose “a new vision that will give an end to all economic crises in Turkey” especially as a result of his visits to the US and the UK where he met with financial experts and scientists.

“Look at the economic history of Turkey. Crises occur around every seven years. Sometimes these are deep crises, and a handful of people benefit from those crises. But millions of people fall victim.

Now we need to save Turkey from this chain of crisis. Wait for December the 3rd, we are going to reveal some very good things. We will announce a vision that will end the crisis forever,” Kilicdaroglu said in a video posted on Twitter.

“Our vision is ready, our teams are ready, investments are ready, fresh money is ready,” he said.

The press briefing by Kilicdaroglu will reveal planning for a "high-tech" development model that will encourage investment and employment, in line with his meetings with the science, technology, economy and finance circles during his visits to the two countries, Cumhuriyet reported, referring to rumors in CHP lobbies.

According to party seniors, Kilicdaroglu will explain what they will do “to ensure not to miss the fourth industrial revolution.”

One official from CHP told Cumhuriyet Kicidaroglu will announce an eco-sensitive development model assuring investors with "resources"

He is also expected to call on Turkish scientists abroad to return to their countries and "support the technological revolution."