Over 60% of Turkish consumers unable to afford vacations

Over 60% of Turkish consumers unable to afford vacations
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Soaring inflation makes holidays an unattainable dream for many citizens.

A new public opinion survey from Turkey's Consumer Union Federation found over 60% of consumers still need help to take vacations this year, with affordability worsening compared to 2022. The research spotlights how soaring inflation and economic struggles have put holidays out of reach for millions, violating their constitutional right to rest.

The federation's "Towards Vacation" poll showed 61.18% of respondents did not vacation in 2022. This rose slightly from 60.90% last year, indicating the deepening crisis. Those citing insufficient budget for holidays jumped to 71.76% versus 69.70% in 2022.

International travel also plummeted. Only 3.13% plan foreign trips in 2023 compared to 41% last year.

Federation chair Yunus Emre Bitmez said the data proves the economy's mounting negativity. "Consumers are struggling to meet essential needs, and due to inflation and exchange rates, vacation has become a dream for many," he explained.

Bitmez stressed vacations represent a constitutional right for workers under Article 50. "The fact that millions of citizens cannot exercise this constitutional right is a widespread violation of rights," he argued.