Turkey’s Energy Minister suggests 4-minute-shower to save on energy

Turkey’s Energy Minister suggests 4-minute-shower to save on energy
Update: 28 September 2022 03:55
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A new booklet by the Ministry of Energy proposed using towels to dry hair, climbing stairs and warming up the room with the heat of the oven to economize 35% on Turkey’s usage of electricity

The Ministry of Energy in Turkey published a booklet named “Live efficiently using your wisdom” to save energy ahead of the coming winter amid a global energy crisis that hit especially the European countries. 

The booklet asked the citizens of Turkey to “walk or bike short distances, dry your hair with a towel, not a dryer, put an hourglass in the bathroom not to forget to stop shower after 4 minutes.”

“After using the oven in winter, open the door and warm the environment. For low floors, do not take the elevator, take the stairs,” the booklet said. 

According to the Energy Ministry, if these measures were taken, Turkey could save up to 35% in electricity, 25% in oil and 50% in natural gas.

Here are some more recommendations by the ministry to save energy:

  • Paint the walls of your house a light color. Plant trees that fall leaves in the winter on the south façade of buildings. Open the curtains in winter, let the sunlight in.
  • Place an insulation plate behind the radiator and do not put furniture in front of it, use double doors or revolving doors at the main entrances.
  • Do not brake or step on the gas suddenly while driving.
  • Turn off the ignition while the vehicle is in standby.
  • Do not open the windows to prevent air flow in the vehicle.
  • Remove unnecessary items in the trunk
  • Do not pre-wash in the washing machine or dishwasher.
  • Hang the laundry to dry, do not use a dryer.
  • Clean the waste from the dishes with a napkin used for food.