Turkey's Financial Minister embarks on Gulf tour to attract investments

Turkey's Financial Minister embarks on Gulf tour to attract investments
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Over 200 financial representatives engaged in investment dialogues.

Since taking up his mantle as the Treasury and Finance Minister, Mehmet Simsek has embarked on a global journey to attract investments. His recent itinerary saw him visiting critical nations in the Gulf.

Treasury and Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, as part of his Gulf countries outreach program, engaged in discussions and presentations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Under the theme "Turkey: Your Resilient Partner," Simsek illustrated Turkey's vast investment opportunities to over 200 key investors and stalwarts of the financial sector.

The Minister took to social media, sharing insights and updates from his Gulf tour.

In Abu Dhabi, the tour commenced with a "productive meeting" with the UAE's Investment Minister, Mohammed Hasan al-Suweydi. The dialogue revolved around reinforcing economic relations and potential investment prospects.

Moving on to Qatar, the delegation's second stop, Simsek relayed his discussions with the Qatari Minister of Finance, Ali bin Ahmed al-Quwari. Here, the emphasis was laid on delineating Turkey's myriad investment opportunities to a gathering of over 200 financial representatives.

Further detailing his Qatari visit, Simsek expressed his admiration for the preparations at Expo Doha 2023, "We had the pleasure to meet Mohammed Ali al-Khouri, the Secretary-General of Expo Doha 2023, gaining insights into the event's organization. The Turkey Center, rapidly constructed at the venue, was notably impressive." In collaboration with the Turkish Embassy in Qatar and the Presidency Investment Office, the 'Turkey: Your Resilient Partner' program was held, reinforcing the nation's commitment to being an attractive investment hub.

Wrapping up his update, Simsek mentioned his imminent participation in the 'Future Investment Initiative' conference, set to be held in Riyadh, further strengthening Turkey's regional investment outreach.