Turkey's inflation expectation for July is 9.07

Turkey's inflation expectation for July is 9.07
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Survey reveals economists' inflation expectations for July in Turkey

A recent survey conducted by AA Finans with the participation of 17 economists sheds light on the expectations for July's inflation data, set to be announced by TURKSTAT on Thursday, August 3.

The survey indicates that economists' average inflation expectation for July is 9.07 percent. Within the surveyed group, inflation expectations ranged from a low of 7.50 percent to a high of 10.60 percent.

Based on the average inflation expectation of 9.07 percent for July, the annual inflation rate is predicted to rise from 38.21 percent in the previous month to 47.27 percent.

Additionally, economists' end-2023 inflation expectation increased significantly from 42.07 percent to 61.01 percent during July.

It is important to note that the Consumer Price Index had already seen a rise of 3.92 percent in June compared to the previous month.