Turkey's meat consumption matches Congo, Tajikistan, and Morocco

Turkey's meat consumption matches Congo, Tajikistan, and Morocco
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Turkey's annual meat consumption per person has fallen to 37.3 kilograms due to rising living costs and industry challenges, now ranking alongside countries like the Congo, with large companies dominating the market and causing price fluctuations

Turkey's average total meat consumption has dramatically dropped to 37.3 kilograms per person annually, placing it alongside countries like the Congo, Tajikistan, and Morocco, an expert from the industry said, citing statistics from the OECD.

Following the escalation in living costs, the price per kilogram of ground beef in Turkish markets has soared to 300 TL, and lamb meat has reached 374 TL.

Data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reveals that in 2022, Turkey's average consumption of beef, including ground beef, was 9.9 kilograms. This ranked Turkey 15th among OECD member countries.

Countries such as Paraguay, New Zealand, and South Africa have overtaken Turkey in meat consumption.

One of the most pressing issues in the industry is the withdrawal of rural family businesses from production, Bulent Tunc, President of the Turkey Red Meat Producers Association said.

Tunc noted that the dominance of larger companies in the market results in fluctuating prices and supply issues.

“Business owners are now trying to manage by sourcing shepherds from abroad, working with Afghans and others. We're importing feed, livestock, even the shepherds. Naturally, this drives up meat prices,” he said.

Tunc emphasized the need for the government to support small family-run businesses. Highlighting the significant role played by rural women in production, he suggested that the government could provide them with social security (SGK) benefits and a minimum wage support.