Turkey’s new Finance Minister Simsek to present new era plans in first cabinet meeting

Turkey’s new Finance Minister Simsek to present new era plans in first cabinet meeting
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In the new cabinet meeting set for Tuesday, Turkey's newly appointed Finance Minister Simsek will unveil plans for a fresh era. Key economic matters such as minimum wage, civil servant salary, and retiree bonuses will be prioritized.

The newly announced cabinet in Turkey is set to hold its first meeting on Tuesday, marking the beginning of a new era in Turkish governance. The meeting is expected to address crucial issues related to the economy and security, as the country grapples with various challenges.

The first meeting of the second cabinet under the presidential government system is expected to address economic issues.

Topics such as the anticipated increase in the minimum wage in July, raising the minimum civil servant salary to 22,000 TL, and any changes to retiree bonuses are expected to dominate the agenda of the cabinet's inaugural meeting.

Mehmet Simsek, who has been appointed as the Minister of Treasury and Finance, is expected to give a presentation on the new era. The meeting will address critical topics such as measures against welfare losses caused by price increases, the minimum wage, and salary increases for civil servants.

Sweden's NATO membership will also be discussed in the cabinet meeting. Turkey's stance on Sweden's NATO membership will be addressed during the cabinet meeting ahead of the NATO Leaders Summit that will take place in Lithuania in July, to which President Tayyip Erdogan is expected to attend..

Last weekend, Erdogan had a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The reflections of this meeting are expected to be discussed during the cabinet meeting.