Egypt: 41 people killed in fire in Coptic Church

Egypt: 41 people killed in fire in Coptic Church
Update: 15 August 2022 01:12
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A deadly fire broke out in a Coptic Church during the Sunday mass in the capital of Egypt

A fire that started in the Abu Sifine Church in Cairo’s working-class district of Imbaba during the Sunday mass left 41 people dead and at least 14 injured.

Fire services said that the fire is under control, and the prosecutor’s office announced that they launched an investigation regarding the cause of the fire.

President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi expressed his condolences to Coptic Christian Pope Tawadros II on a phone call and said that all state institutions are providing the necessary support to manage the aftermath of the tragic incident.

Sisi also wrote on his Facebook page that he is closely monitoring the developments after the deadly fire.

Copts make up around 10% of Egypt’s population and they are the largest single Christian community in the Middle East.

Copts have also suffered deadly attacks committed by Islamists, with churches, schools and homes burned down.

Cairo, with its poor infrastructure has suffered several deadly fires earlier, including two hospital fires in 2020 and a textile factory fire in March 2021.