Yazidis in Urfa face pressure from village guards

Yazidis in Urfa face pressure from village guards
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The villagers of Zevra published a solidarity text to inform about the increasing threats and attacks.

State authorities ignore growing pressure on Yazidis in Urfa

Residents of the village of Zevra have issued a statement highlighting the escalating threats, physical attacks and psychological harassment they are facing.

Yazidis returning to their village in the Viransehir district of Urfa have faced land occupations and pressure from a village guard family of the Seyhan tribe.

In the late 1990s, a particular family acquired 50 acres of land in Zevra, and over time the number of families grew to nearly 20. As the tribe's presence grew, so did the pressure on the Yazidis, who were restricted from entering or leaving the village.

Izzeddin Deniz, a resident, explained that they faced constant difficulties caused by the tribe. Tombstones were demolished, Muhiddin Baris' transformer was destroyed, and they were not allowed to farm or build a mourning house. Deniz himself was denied the right to build a house on his land, even though he had the deed.

Despite efforts to involve regional opinion leaders and tribal leaders, no solution has been found and the pressure on the Yazidis has reached unbearable levels. Deniz reported violent incidents, including an attack that injured Muhiddin Baris and the destruction of his tractors and irrigation pipes.

Although the incidents have been reported to the Viransehir Chief Public Prosecutor's Office and the District Governor's Office, no significant action has been taken. The residents' statement expressed disappointment with the authorities, including local officials and the Urfa Governor's Office, for their silence and failure to address the issue. They accused certain state authorities of paying no attention to the actions of the village guard family, effectively approving the ban on their entry into the village.

The statement called on the authorities to intervene, protect the Yazidis and ensure their peaceful return to the village.