A five-stage plan for humanitarian aid to Gaza

A five-stage plan for humanitarian aid to Gaza
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Global leaders support Cyprus's maritime corridor proposal at the Paris Aid Conference.

During the International Conference on Humanitarian Aid for Gaza in Paris, Cyprus's President Nikos Christodoulides took the stage to unveil a comprehensive five-stage initiative named 'Amalthea,' aimed at establishing a maritime corridor to deliver humanitarian aid securely to the people of Gaza. This multi-phase plan involves the following steps:

1. Transportation and Accumulation: The initiative's first phase will focus on transporting and accumulating humanitarian aid in Cyprus, serving as the preliminary collection point for supplies.

2. Inspection and Storage: Upon arrival in Cyprus, the aid will undergo a thorough inspection and be stored securely, ensuring that all items meet the necessary standards and are ready for onward shipment.

3. Loading and Shipping Inspection: The third phase involves loading the inspected humanitarian aid onto vessels at a designated Cypriot port, likely Larnaca, renowned for its strategic location and logistical capabilities.

4. Secure Maritime Passage: Ensuring a safe route, the fourth stage of the plan emphasizes the creation of a secure maritime corridor, allowing the uninterrupted transit of aid ships to Gaza.

5. Unloading and Distribution: The final phase details the unloading of the aid consignments and their systematic distribution to the civilian population of Gaza, ensuring the aid reaches those in need.

Cyprus aims to overcome Israel's security concerns and efficiently manage the large volumes of aid required by opting for a maritime corridor over land-based alternatives. With Larnaca port set to act as the operational hub, the "Amalthea" initiative represents a bold step forward in the international community's efforts to provide vital support to Gaza's civilians.

The initiative has drawn considerable international support, marking a significant step towards alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. French President Emmanuel Macron, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, and various influential global figures have expressed their endorsements. In a show of regional solidarity, Greece has committed naval assets to support the Cyprus-to-Gaza aid transfer.