Azerbaijan violates ceasefire on eastern part of border with Armenia

Azerbaijan violates ceasefire on eastern part of border with Armenia
Update: 23 September 2022 22:34
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Azerbaijan’s attacks were stopped by retaliatory actions, Armenian Defense Ministry announced

Azerbaijan escalates military tensions with Armenia on Friday, violating the truce reached between the two sides after a two-days long aggression last week.

Armenian Defense Ministry blamed neighboring rival of violating the ceasefire agreement by opening fire towards Armenian combat positions in the morning hours.

The shoot-outs were stopped by retaliatory actions, Armenia’s top brass said in a written statement.

Azerbaijan on the other hand, accused Armenia for vice-versa, claiming that its army positions in the direction of the state border were subjected to Armenian fire.“The Azerbaijan Army units took adequate retaliatory measures,” it said in a written statement on Friday.

Last week, new clashes erupted between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which was seen as the most violent confrontation since the six weeks war of autumn 2020 over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. Armenia accused Azerbaijan for shelling Armenian positions, using large-caliber weapons, artillery, missile systems, and UAVs and occupying ten square kilometers of Armenian sovereign territory. Azerbaijan blamed Armenian armed forces of a series of “large-scale provocations” and said it has taken “retaliatory” measures. 

As a result of Azerbaijani aggression against Armenia, 207 Armenian soldiers have been killed, according to Armenian Security Council’s statement. Azerbaijan announced 71 military casualties.