Deputies in Spanish Congress question Turkey’s air strikes against Northern Syria

Deputies in Spanish Congress question Turkey’s air strikes against Northern Syria
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Deputies from left wing parties in Spain asked the government what measures will be taken against Turkey’s offensive

Deputies from Unidas Podemos, en election alliance of left-wing parties in Spain presented a series of questions to Spanish Congress concerning Turkish air strikes against Kurdish militant bases in northern Syria and Iraq where Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said 15 civilians and fighters were killed.

Antón Gómez-Reino, a member of the Unidas Podemos group in the Congress leaded the initiative regarding the measures to be taken in response to the bombardment which was also signed by senator Enrique Santiago and deputies Gerardo Pisarello and Lucía Muñoz Dalda.

Gómez-Reino, who is also the vice-president of Foreign Affairs Committee in Spanish Congress, announced the initiative on Twitter:

“Faced with Turkey's attack on the Kurdish population, which has included indiscriminate bombardments of hospitals, schools and other civilian targets, we presented an initiative in Congress. The international community and the EU must demand respect for human rights.”

The questions, for which the deputies have required a written response, are as follows:

  • What is the assessment made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the shelling by the Turkish army of several Kurdish cities in northern Syria and Iraq?
  • What is the information that the ministry has about these events?
  • Has public condemnation of these events been carried out, or is it being considered, in relation to the violation they entail of Human Rights and international law?
  • What actions does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs plan to carry out within the European Union and the international community to stop the violation of Human Rights and international law by Turkey with its attacks on the Kurdish people?
  • Does this ministry consider promoting economic, political, diplomatic and/or legal measures to force Turkey to comply with international law?