Egyptian sources: Cairo nears humanitarian truce in Gaza Strip

Egyptian sources: Cairo nears humanitarian truce in Gaza Strip
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Egypt intensifies efforts to mediate ceasefire amid escalating Israeli-Gaza conflict, as revealed by Egyptian sources.

Egyptian authorities are reportedly making significant strides towards brokering a humanitarian truce in the war-torn Gaza Strip, according to sources cited by Al Mayadeen. The proposed truce is expected to involve a prisoner exchange deal, marking a crucial step toward regional conflict resolution.

These revelations come from a meeting between Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and CIA Director William Burns, during which al-Sisi emphasized the urgency of implementing an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. The Egyptian president highlighted the necessity of safeguarding civilians, outlining this as a primary determinant of Egypt's stance on the ongoing conflict.

In a statement, the official spokesperson for the Presidency of Egypt, Counselor Ahmed Fahmy, indicated that the meeting encompassed a wide range of pertinent international and regional issues. The escalating Israeli military actions in the Gaza Strip were a significant topic of discussion.

The Egyptian president has been vocally critical of the conditions in the Gaza Strip, condemning the collective punishment of millions of people without discrimination. "We reject the forced displacement of Palestinians to Sinai; this is a waste of the struggle of the Palestinian people," al-Sisi stated during the opening of the "Egypt Peace Summit" in Cairo.

Meanwhile, the US State Department has voiced its concerns regarding the expansion of the war in Gaza. It confirmed that Washington is closely monitoring the situation, particularly with respect to potential actions by Hezbollah in Lebanon.